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Saint-Petersburg Classic

Ballet Theater

of Anton Ploom & Anastasia Lomachenkova


The theater began work in 2015 with the Gala concerts in Russia and France. The following winners of International ballet competitions took part in the concerts: Anastasia Lomachenkova, Svetlana Bednenko, Olesya Gapiyenko, Anton Ploom, Alexander Omar, Yuri Kalinin.

A permanent company was formed in 2016. Famous performances of the classical repertoire, such as “The Swan Lake”, “The Sleeping Beauty”, “The Nutcracker”, “Giselle” and others, can be seen on the best stages of St. Petersburg: The Hermitage Museums Theater, The Alexandrinsky Theater, The Bolshoi Drama Theater.

In 2017, the repertoire of the theater featured a performance for the youngest spectators «Children Ballet». Young spectators are told and shown what ballet is made of, what elements are used to stage the dances, and introduce the most famous characters of classical ballet, such as The Nutcracker and Masha from ballet “The Nutcracker”, The Dying Swan, Little Red Riding Hood and Gray Wolf and others.

The artistic director of the theater is the winner of the international ballet competition, the soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater Anton Ploom.


Music by P. Tchaikovsky.
Choreography by M. Petipa and L. Ivanov.
Libretto by V. Begichev.


Music by P. Tchaikovsky.
Choreography by M. Petipa.
Libretto by M. Petipa.

Music by A. Adan.
Choreography by J. Coralli, J. Perrot, M. Petipa.
Libretto by V. de Saint-Georges, T. Gautier, J. Coralli.

Music by F. Chopin.
Scenario by M. Fokine.
Choreography by M. Fokine.
Revised version by A. Vaganova.

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